24hrs Of Madness For My First 2016 Challenge


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We all go through our lives looking forward to the holidays we have with our partners and family, and to that end we go to great lengths to organise them with minute precision to ensure our leisure time is best used. I’m no different in some ways but have also experienced going away with no plan whatsoever. My windsurf adventures are often governed by the winds and tides and therefore plans very often change at the last minute. This planted the notion that, can you enjoy a holiday more without planning anything?. Well that was my primary aim this year when The swift Group set my Challenge Neil Greentree adventures.

I was to first embark on a ‘Jolly Boys Adventure’ with 5 of my close friends to The Le mans 24hr endurance race in June. We were to take 5 Supercars and a Swift Bolero 744 as our accommodation for the trip and camp at the circuit for the duration of the event. The team  would be myself in a Lamborghini, My brother Justyn in a Ferrari 458, Kevin  and his son Henry in a Ferrari 360, Andy in his Alfa Romeo 4C, and Colin would drive the Swift Bolero 744 as he was the sensible one amongst us!

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We set off early on the Thursday before the race taking place over the Saturday and Sunday and made good progress to Dover to catch the ferry. Little did we know that the Euro 2016 England contingent would be heading out to France that day and our ferry was delayed 3 hrs. This gave us time to sticker up our cars (a Le mans tradition) and the Bolero and load up our personal effects into the motorhome. The first great feature of the Bolero is the storage – its like a Tardis!


Progress was slow across France with us all having to strictly keep to the speed limits which gave Colin in the Bolero the chance to gain some ground on us. In fact so much so he was always the first to the meet up points always looking cool as a cucumber thanks to the Air-Con in the cab which worked better than any of our supercars air-con did. We arrived at le mans town at about 10PM to torrential rain. Anyone who knows supercars will know there are two things supercars don’t like and thats static traffic and rain – we had both. So whilst our clutches were groaning and our tempers fraying, Colin calmly guided the Bolero through the logjam to the campsite and then the mud to our pitch.

The Swift Bolero is a finely equipped motohome. Modern but elegant yet built extremely solidly which we were to find with 5 guys fumbling their way through the whole ‘First time camping ‘phase. Its biggest feature was its simplicity of use. It has an awful lot of technical features but thanks to some clever thinking from swift its served up to the customer in a very binary way…… a bit like The Ivy doing Fish & Chips – food that looks simply to make but when you taste it you ‘wow’ at the added taste sensations only The Ivy can deliver.



We had many laughs that weekend getting the guys to try simply motohome tasks like filling the water tanks from a water but to setting up the Kampa Fiesta Air inflatable awning. Then after a long day of drinking, watching the race, eating….. then drinking some more, the Bolero was always there – warm, dry, with that exquisite shower to clean yourself up and the super comfortable memory foam beds which set up in seconds yet are almost as cosy as your bed at home. The Swift Shield stain resistant cushions ensured the odd drink ‘mishap’ never ruined the evening and the efficient way the Bolero uses its 12v power meant we never had to worry about everything dying due to lack of battery power.

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Our journey back was fun with us all cruising together swapping cars and all taking it in turns to enjoy the much higher comfort levels in the Bolero’s cabin. All in all the Swift Bolero has managed to turn 4 sceptical campers into camping converts. Colin fell in love with his ‘new toy’ so much he was even asking how much it was and long to get one. So I commend the Swift Bolero 744 for managing something it was never designed for………… changing 4 petrolheaded, anti motorhome mens  perception of camping to the extend of them wanting to take it away again!

Great praise indeed.

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